Best Mattress for Arthritis

First of all, let me tell you that there is no such thing that is called “the perfect mattress for everyone.” Everyone has his own sleeping position so you need a mattress that is suitable for your specific needs. It is already challenging to find the right mattress for normal people so imagine finding a mattress for a person who has a case of chronic pain like arthritis; it is now more challenging.

The following 5 mattresses are recommended by a lot of people who have chronic pain conditions; one of them may be the best option for you too.
• Loom & Leaf.
• The Purple Bed.
• The Alexander Signature.
• Helix.
• The Novosbed.

You may have some questions about the importance of the right mattress and how sleep and arthritis are connected; here are the most common questions and their comprehensive answers.

• What is the relation between arthritis and sleep?
There is a direct relationship between sleep and arthritis. Arthritis affects a number of joints according to its type so it may affect neck joints causing neck pain or hip joints. Now imagine that a patient prefers a certain position that will result in severe pain in his neck; he/she deficiently will not be able to sleep and even if he/she slept, it will not be a comfortable sleep.

I guess patients with arthritis understood exactly what I want to say.

Recent studies show this direct connection between insomnia and arthritis. They also show that patients think it is a symptom while it can be solved easily by choosing the right mattress.

• How exactly will the right mattress help?
It is proven that the quality of sleep improves when people change their mattress even if people are healthy so imagine how a new mattress that is perfect for the condition of a patient with arthritis can do.

Studies show that a night with a comfortable sleep will minimize the pain whatever it is the pain of arthritis or the pain that a person could be in before sleeping but a bad sleeping night will increase the severity of both types of pain.

• What does the mattress do?
The mattress keeps your spine and your joints in the proper position in order to minimize strain on the joints and on the back. Decreasing the strain subsequently leads to decreasing pain.

After a while, the mattress will need to be replaced to obtain the same benefits so when you feel that your mattress is not functioning properly, change it immediately.

We can summarize the two previous points and say that the perfect mattress for you will provide you with support and comfort and subsequently with good sleep which will reduce your pain.

• How to choose the best mattress for arthritis condition?
When you search online for the best mattress for arthritis, you will find some suggestions that say that this specific mattress is the best. Let me tell you that that is not true. As we said, everyone’s condition is unique. Features like body weight, height, needs, affected joints, preferences, and sleep habits. All these features affect the way you sleep so how would one mattress meet the needs of everyone?

So now comes an important question, how to choose the best mattress for your condition? You should look for the following list of features to be able to choose the best of mattress for your condition.

• The features of the best mattress for your condition:
it is all about support. The best mattress is the one that will provide you with the maximum support for your condition. Your back, shoulders, neck, hips, knees, and the rest of your body should be will supported when you use it.
2. The best mattress should not be so firm. People who suffer from arthritis have sensitive joints so the mattress should be kind of soft.
3. The mattress should not be too soft or too firm. Balance between firmness and softness.
4. It should be stable while turning around during your sleep.
5. Most people find that orthopedic mattresses are the best as their design offers its users maximum support so they are the best for people who suffer from chronic pain.

• Other ways to decrease pain:
1. if you share your bed, use two single mattresses.
2. The bed should be big enough if you are a big person. If you share bed, it should be big enough for you and your partner.
3. Don’t sleep on your front; the best sleeping position is the S shaped.
4. Choose the best pillow for your needs and preferences.
5. Avoid too late meals and medications that interfere with your sleep like steroids.

The right mattress will make you sleep well but you need to take your medications regularly too. The good sleep is part of the treatment but it is not the whole treatment.

These two short videos will tell you how to choose the best mattress for yourself.

• The best 5 mattresses recommended by the users:

1. Loom & Leaf:
Perhaps this will be the solution for your chronic pain condition; Loam and Leaf offers complete joint support and relief of pain.
This mattress is considered luxurious. Its construction is multi-layered formed of foams and gels.
If you have arthritis and you are looking for a mattress that provides pain relief and joint support, Loam & Leaf may be the solution you are looking for.

The pros of Loam & Leaf:
• Its construction is great and offers additional support and relief.
• It is formed of breathable, organic cotton.
• It is eco-friendly.
• Its durability and longevity is about 6 years.
• It is able to equalize weight distribution in order to minimize the pressure points.
• It is easy to move, lift and handle.
• It has no noise. It is also great for sex.
The cons of Loam & Leaf:
• Its price is kind of expensive.
• It has an off-gassing smell.
• People of large size say that the mattress offers limited body movement for them

2. The Purple Red:
The Purple Red mattress is one of the nicest mattresses you will try and may be your best option. It provides its users good, balanced sleep. Regarding its features, it is considered inexpensive.

The users of the purple red say that it is not firm and it is not soft. It becomes firm when they want and soft when they want; that is what makes it great for people who are worried about shivering.

It is also designed to make your sleep neutral so no more sweating when you wake up.
It is free from any kind of toxic chemicals.
The overall quality of the purple red mattress is great when you consider its price which is not so high when compared to other mattresses.

The pros of The Purple Red:
• It is effective and suitable for many customers that have arthritis. It relieves their pain especially back pain, minimizes the pressure points and provides them with good sleep.
• It is better than most of the memory foam mattresses nowadays despite the fact that it is a traditional memory foam mattress. The advantage here is that it keeps motion transfer to the minimum.
• Its price is affordable when compared with other mattresses.
The cons of The Purple Red:
• It has a very poor support on the edges.
• It is not the best option for tall people because of its small size.
• It is heavier than the standard mattresses.

3. The Alexander Signature:
When you have a chronic pain condition like arthritis, breathability is something that you should look for when you are searching for the beat mattress for your condition. The Alexander Signature mattress offers its users splendid breathability.

Unlike The Purple Red, The Alexander Signature has a great edge support due to its dense base foam.
It relieves pressure greatly due to the gel memory foam used in the superficial layers so you will be able to move while sleeping and your back will still be supported perfectly.

One of the best features about The Alexander Signature is that you can choose between firm, soft or medium softness so you will have variety of options.

The pros of The Alexander Signature mattress:
• Its different levels of firmness are a very special feature.
• The materials used in its design are of high quality.
• Its fabric has cooling feature.
• It has an edge support base which is great.
• It has no smell as it is formed of organic materials through eco-friendly manufacturing processes.
The cons of The Alexander Signature mattress:
• It is so heavy and difficult to be moved around.
• The motion transfer so when you share bed with someone and he/she changed his/her position, you will be affected.
• Despite the fact that the Mattress uses cooling technologies, some customers say that it is warmer than other mattresses.
• Some people complaint about the firmness.
• It is kind of bulky.

4. Helix:
Helix mattress is kind of different from the rest of the mattresses that are designed to relieve pain especially for people with chronic pain conditions like arthritis. The manufacturing company offers its users a great option which is that they can customize their own mattress so if you suffer from arthritis, this is a great option for you.

You will be able to order certain densities and thickness but the generic structure will remain the same.
If you have arthritis and you are not able to find the perfect mattress, this can be your best chance.

The Pros of Helix mattress:
• It has a fair life span that is estimated by 6 years.
• The price varies according to the size and the material that you will ask for.
• It is designed for you needs and preferences so its performance is guaranteed.
• No motion transfer. Helix mattress has motion isolation feature so if you share bed with someone, you will not suffer.
• Helix offers edge support.
• No initial off gassing.
• Helix produces no noise. It is also sex friendly mattress.
• It is easy to lift and move.
The cons of Helix mattress:
• You cannot test the mattress before buying it. That is kind of problem as you will not be able to make sure that the company made the requirements that you asked for perfectly.

5. The Novosbed:
It is the new trend among mattresses as it is formed of the upcoming generation of memory foams.
If The Novosbed is your perfect choice, you will benefit from its long durability as its design can last for many years without deformity.

Its design allows it to keep its user cooled off during sleeping.
Of course being great for joint and back support and relieving pain is provided by The Novosbed mattress.

The great materials, the top cover that can be washed easily and the airflow are among the features that make this mattress great too.

The pros of The Novosbed mattress:
• Its price varies according to the size but generally, it is affordable.
• Its durability is estimated by more than 6 years.
• It has great pain relief capabilities. It minimizes pressure points and relieves back pain completely.
• It has motion isolation feature in case you share bed with someone.
• It produces no noise.
The cons of The Novosbed mattress:
• It is heavy.
• It does not offer edge support.
• It has significant initial off-gassing smell.
• Its users report heat problems.

• The Conclusion:
As I said, there is no perfect mattress for everyone but according to the number of users that tried the 5 mattresses that we discussed, it is clear that Loam & Leaf is the most preferable by people who have arthritis or any kind of chronic pain condition.
Loam & Leaf is not completely perfect and has some cons yet its construction is considered the best in the market alongside its fabric and rest of features.

Choosing a bed that is suitable for your pain condition is critical and not easy. Loam & Leaf may be perfect for most of the users yet it is not suitable for you.

The good sleep is an essential part of treatment of any chronic pain condition especially arthritis. Your joints already suffer so bad sleeping will lead to a lot of complication so choose the best mattress for yourself.