Best Mattress Cooling Pads for 2022 – Top Picks and Buying Guide

A mattress cooling pad might be a remedy for a mattress that overheats and makes you sweaty. It is an economical alternative to turning your AC to its highest setting or splurging on a new mattress.

This is a guide on how to how to pick the ideal cooling pad for your mattress. We also have 5 top picks worth considering.

How do you choose a mattress cooling pad?


The market is chocking with hundreds or even thousands of mattress cooling pads. It’s pretty much understandable if you find it a little bit confusing to pick one from the lot.

However, one easy way to whittle down the available options is by identifying the material that suits your sleeping needs better.

The type of material that you go for alludes how breathable the cooling pad will be. It also affects the comfort, texture, and durability of the bed solution.

Gel-infused memory foam

Memory foam is best known for its support and pressure point relief attributes. Unfortunately, it’s also infamous for its heat retention which might be a huge bother if you don’t like sleeping hot.

Gel-infused memory foam offers an impressive alternative though. As its name suggests, this memory foam that has gel beads in its construction. The gel beads work by absorbing the heat from the sleeping surface.

The only thing, however, is that they don’t actually dissipate the heat away. Rather, they absorb it until they can’t take the heat anymore. Consequently, they may start sleeping hot once the optimum holding capacities have been reached.


This is, hands down, the most popular material in the mattress industry. While it is famous for its firmness that offers a good support to different sleeping styles, it also has lots of ventilation to help in cooling your bed.

Unlike gel-infused memory foam, latex does not react to your body’s temperatures to change its shape. This means that its ventilation remains open all the time. Its biggest drawback, however, is that it might be quite farm for most people’s comfort.


This is yet another fantastic material compliment to its excellent absorbency. Besides cooling you off, you may want to go with wool especially if you want to add a good amount of comfort to a mattress that is a tad bit on the firmer side.

The good news with wool is that it is an all-season material. It keeps you cool during the warm season and later warms your sleeping surface when it’s cold.


Similar to wool, cool is another highly recommendable option if you don’t want to sleep in a sweat trap.

The thing with this material is that it’s super thin and allows your skin to breath naturally and does not trap heat. Secondly, it’s also super easy to maintain since it’s safe in the washing machine.

The only problem with cotton is its poor durability. It may fit the bill if you want a cooling pad for your guests’ bedroom though.

Feathers and Down

These materials also tick a lot of boxes in adding comfort to a firm mattress. They are soft and are also good at keeping you cool.

Their major drawback, however, is that low-end feather and down cooling pads tend to get lumpy after a short time. Secondly, these pads may not be a good choice if you are allergic to these materials.


This is yet another important feature that you want to keep in mind when shopping for a cooling pad. Similar to mattress toppers, mattress cooling pads come in a bevy of density levels; low, medium, and high densities.

Worth noting, high-density pads tend to retain more heat than low-density pads. And it’s not hard to understand the reason behind this.

You see, density refers to the amount of material used per a given volume. This means that more material constricts airflow and may lead to sleeping hot. Dense pads are ideal if you are looking for something that will offer you support especially if you are suffering from back pains.

However, since we are talking about temperature regulation, a low-density pad will be our number one recommendation here.


Do I really need to emphasize on this? It’s important that you get a pad that fits perfectly on your mattress. A pad that is way bigger than your mattress will make tucking the sheets somewhat difficult. On the other hand, a smaller pad limits the usable sleeping surface on your bed. It could cause discomforts too.


Several pads come with a cover. Other brands require you to purchase the cover separately. Of course, you’ll want to go with a brand that includes a cover in the package if you want good value for your bucks.

A good cover helps in keeping the topper clean which is essential for easy maintenance. It may also prevent the cooling pad from sliding all over the bed. But ensure that the cover does not stand in the way of the cooling pad’s efficiency.

Do mattress cooling pads work?

Sure, mattress cooling pads work. However, given the multitude of materials on the market today, do know that there isn’t anything like the ‘best’ pad for everyone.

What works for another person might give you the most restless sleep. Simply put, it boils down to your preference in regard to comfort, firmness, and material.

What are the benefits of a mattress cooling pad?

Offers you a cool and dry sleeping surface

Of course, this is the definite advantage that you get from a cooling pad. A good pad wicks away sweat and dissipates heat away from you. This prevents you from waking up hot and sweaty and means that you get enough sleep each time. This is vital for a good day and improved health in general.

It is economical

If your mattress sleeps hot, one sure-fire way of getting a cool sleep is by dragging the air cooler to your bedroom and setting it at the highest speed. You could also buy another mattress that has a good reputation for sleeping cool.

Unfortunately, these 2 options might be quite uneconomical. The thing with mattress cooling pads is that they are way cheaper than a mattress and work just fine. You could save quite some money if you splurge on a high-quality model.

Adds comfort

If your new mattress is a little bit firmer, besides sleeping hot, a cooling pad might help in boosting its comfort level. A mattress cooling pad might also help in prolonging your old mattress’s lifespan as you save for a new one.

Not a cure-all

While a mattress cooling pad will do a good job in giving you a cool snooze, do know that it won’t cool your room.

Cooling pads come in handy when the problem is with the mattress itself. This means that it won’t save the situation if the high temperatures are due to climate. In that case, perhaps hitting the fan ON is the ideal solution.


Best Mattress Cooling Pads Reviews

ExceptionalSheets Bamboo Mattress Cooling Pad

Our first recommendation here is also among the most highly rated in this category. This might be the ticket if you are looking for a pad that will add tons of comfort to your regular mattress while remaining highly breathable.

Its high-level comfort and incredible breathability boil down to its construction material. This pad is filled with Revoloft. This is a smooth and cozy fiberfill that feels like authentic goose and down feathers. It is highly breathable and sweat-absorbing. But unlike goose and down feathers, this one won’t subject you to allergies.

The top cover is made of bamboo and has a highly efficient blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex. This unique blend coupled with the Revoloft material makes this cooling pad a worthy consideration for a mattress that sleeps hot especially innerspring and memory foam.

Another impressive feature here is that this pad is hypoallergenic– according to the manufacturer. Thus, if you fear that adding a pad to your bed might subject you to dust mites and allergens, this one might not.


  • So smooth and cozy
  • Good for cooling your mattress
  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • Comes with a satisfaction or money-back guarantee


  • May still be a bit hot especially in warm weather
  • Not so durable

Witone Mattress Pad

The Witone might be a good alternative in case the ExceptionalSheets above is slightly on the higher end for you. This pad comes in 6 different sizes; King, Full, California King, Queen, Twin XL, and Twin.

Similar to our first recommendation above, the Witone Cooling pad is luxuriously soft. Its low-density and puffy feel make it a superb choice for anyone who wants a topper with excellent breathability. It also adds a huge amount of comfort for those who love fluffy beddings.

This mattress cooler features Swiss Cooling Technology. According to the manufacturer, this technology wicks away moisture when you sweat to cool you down. In cool climates, it wicks the moisture a tad bit slowly to ensure that you stay warm.

We also like that this pad has a 400TC nature cotton top that makes it a favorable option especially for people with allergies. Again, the fact that it has been treated to repel stains and its ease of cleaning in the washer make maintenance quite a breeze.


  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Stain resistant
  • Excellent sweat-wicking abilities
  • Keeps you cool


  • Not the ideal if you are looking for support


Advanced Sleep Solutions Gel-infused memory foam topper

The Advanced Sleep Solutions is a little bit different from our first 2 options given its memory foam construction.

While memory foam is the worst material when it comes to sleeping cool, the gel beads that has been infused in this topper changes everything. These beads plus the open cell construction design help in dissipating heat from your sleeping surface to offer you a cool night’s sleep every time.

Again, remember that the Advanced Sleep Solutions brings all the benefits that come with memory foam. For instance, its excellent conforming abilities make it a good option for people who want a remedy for their pressure points and aching back.

In addition, this 2-inch topper may help in minimizing disturbances from a partner who is always tossing and turning.

In case you are wondering, this topper is CertiPUR-US certified and has been made in the USA. That being said, it has low VOC emissions and does not contain PBDEs, TDCPP, and TCEP among other ozone depleters. Again, it does not contain mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.


  • Gel helps in dissipating heat
  • Offers support to bad backs
  • Almost zero smells
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 3-year warranty


  • Does not come with a cover

Capsa Sleep 2-inch Memory Foam Topper

This Capsa Sleep memory foam topper is pretty much similar to the Advanced Sleep Solutions before it. The only difference, however, is that you will be paying a few bucks less here. Its 5-year limited warranty also speaks volumes about its quality.

This mattress cooling pad has a thickness of 2 inches and might, therefore, be a good addition to a hard mattress.  This thickness also allows the topper to contour to your curves and may offer your spine its natural alignment. Let’s agree that this is a good thing for a restful sleep.

Importantly, the gel infusion technology in this toper gives it an open cell structure that works like a charm in dissipating heat away from you.

Will it fit on your mattress? It certainly will. Capsa Sleep Solutions comes in fives sizes; Twin, California King, King, Full, and Queen. But what’s quite unique about is that it is one-inch shorter than your standard mattress on all sides. This means that fitting your sheets won’t be a problem.


  • Fits nicely on your mattress
  • Gel-infusion curbs memory foam’s heating retention
  • It’s supportive to your back


  • Might be a little bit firm to some people
  • Not an excellent cooler (but does not make you hot at least)


Linenspa 2-inch Memory Foam Pad with Gel Swirl

Linenspa is among a few other brands that you can never go wrong with in this industry. Its 2-inch Gel Swirl memory foam topper might be a good bet if you want to enjoy the benefits of memory foam but in a cool environment.

It comes in all standard sizes and is CertiPUR-US certified. It features a light open cell construction design alongside its gel-infusion that helps in promoting airflow.

In addition, its 2-inch thickness means that it won’t be so bulk on your mattress. It also means that you won’t be sinking too much into the topper which might contribute to heat buildup.

Worth mentioning, though, is that this pad does not come with a cover. Thus, you might want to add one to your purchase.


  • Impressive support and comfort
  • Softens up a firm bed
  • Helps in minimizing heat


  • Others say that it’s a little bit hot


A mattress cooling pad might be a great addition to your bed if you overheat and sweat a lot at night. While choosing the best model for your needs can be a little bit tricky, identifying the material that works better for you might help narrow down the available options.

It’s our hope that our buying guide and recommendations have put you in the right direction. If you are open to suggestions and can do with any material though, the Advanced Solutions might be a good bet.

What we like most about this pad is that it offers both support and a cool sleeping environment. So, if your mattress sleeps hot and causes you back pains at the same time, this one might be an all-in-one solution. An impressive thing is that you can try it out for 30 days and ship it back for a full return in case it does not work for you.