Best Latex Pillow Reviews – Detailed Buying Guide and High-Rated Pillows 2022

Regardless of its size on our beds, the ‘perfect’ pillow is one item that proves quite hard to find. It becomes even harder when dealing with latex pillows since- unlike their memory foam alternatives- these models are never available for testing in home improvement stores.

Not to worry though. This article has whipped everything that you need to know as you shop for a latex pillow.

Our top 10 best picks of latex pillows might also help in narrowing down your search.

Keep your eyes open!

Is a latex pillow the best solution for you?

With all the different types of pillows out there (think of memory foam, wool, down, feathers, and kapok), what makes you want to try out a latex pillow?

Consider your answers to the following questions:

  • Are you highly sensitive even to the slightest smell of memory foam products?
  • Are you looking for a product that won’t make you feel like you are trapped in?
  • Do you want a pillow with a quicker response time? This facilitates continuous support
  • Could you be looking for a hypoallergenic pillow that won’t harbor dust mites, molds, and other allergens?
  • Are you tired of hunting for a pillow each year?

If all the above considerations make your must-have list, then a latex pillow is probably a good pick. There’s one HUGE PROBLEM though.

Latex pillows are not designed the same. This means that not any other latex pillow will solve the problems in your bed.

If you are buying these models for the first time, or should you need a deeper insight on what to look for when purchasing a latex pillow, our buying guide section (after the reviews) got your back.

Best Latex Pillow Reviews

Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow- Best for Affordability

Our first pick here is from Hollander Sleep Products– a US-based company that has been existent since 1953. With such a vast experience in bed solutions, it’s not a surprise that the Beautyrest is among the most highly rated latex pillows on the market today.

One thing that makes it a superb choice for most sleepers is its soft yet supportive design. When you first sleep on it, the pillow gives in slowly while becoming firm at the same time to align your head, neck, and spine in a neutral configuration.

Most people report that it does not have pressure points. It might, therefore, make a good choice if you need a pillow to help relief your neck.

The Beautyrest pillow has tiny holes that boost its breathability and does not retain heat as most memory foam alternatives do. It also features a soft 300-thread count pure cotton cover that also adds to its breathability.

Another thing that seems to stoke most buyers is the way it regains its shape every night- a guarantee of its durability.

Worth noting, however, is that the Beautyrest uses a blend of synthetic latex and a small amount of natural latex. It might, therefore, emanate a stiff order at first.


  • Soft to accommodate different sleepers
  • Enough support without being stiff
  • It’s breathable


  • Deceptive marketing (no mention of blended Talalay latex)
  • Has an odor (dissipates fast though)

Elite Rest Slim Sleeper- Best Thin Pillow

Thin pillows are always quite hard to find. And when you do, the chances of it being too hard, too soft or a hot sleeper are pretty much higher.

If your search for a truly low-profile pillow is almost becoming futile, don’t give up till you’ve tried this Elite Rest Slim sleeper.

This pillow has a thickness of 2.75 inches and a length and width of 24 inches and 16 inches respectively. It thickness renders it nicely as the best pillow for back dreamers and stomach sleepers.

It might also suit side sleepers with a small body frame (small gap between ear and shoulder). People with huge body frames may want to try something a little bit thicker.

What everybody seems to appreciate about this pillow is its medium-firm feel. This means that it is neither too firm nor too flimsy.

That being said, you get excellent conformability without the migraines that hard pillows cause. You might also like its incredible breathability that emanates from its pin-hole design and cotton outer cover.

Similar to the BeautyRest, however, the Elite Rest uses Talalay latex. Therefore, it might ship with minimal odors that will fade away with proper airing.


  • Has a truly low-profile
  • Medium-firmness is soft and supportive
  • Pin-hole design and cotton cover boost breathability


  • Not the best for side sleepers

Sweesleep Talalay Latex standard pillow- Best High Loft Pillow

The Sweesleep might fit the bill if you are looking for a pillow with a high loft. This model maxes out at 5 inches thereby making it a favorable option for side sleepers especially those who have a huge body frame.

It might also be a suitable option if you use a firm mattress. Its high profile design properly aligns your head to prevent the dreaded neck pains.

This pillow has been crafted from Talalay latex. As such, it is soft, cuddly, yet firm enough for you not to hit the bottom but not as hard as stone.

True to its construction material’s high resiliency traits, the Sweesleep does not flatten out easily. This means that you will be getting good value for your money for quite some years with good care.

To guarantee your safety, this manufacturer uses Eco Institut certified latex that also meets the stringent Oeko-Tex standards.

The Sweesleep might ship with a mild smell owing to its extraction process. But most people report that it is not irritating and fades away after some days.


  • High profile for side sleepers
  • Soft, comfortable, and supportive
  • Impressive springiness for continuous neck support


  • Might cause allergic reactions in some users
  • Too soft and thick for side sleepers

Authentic Talatech Latex foam pillow- Best for Breathability

This is yet another highly recommendable option for anyone who is looking for a latex pillow with medium-firm sensation and good breathability.

It features 100% natural latex and might, therefore, be a great option for allergy suffers given that it is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and molds.

The Authentic Talatech pillow has a high loft of 5-6 inches. It might not be the best for back sleepers but might be a good bet if you sleep on your side or stomach.

This mattress has a medium firmness for optimum neck support and comfort. Similar to other models here, it has tiny holes that dissipate heat for a cool sleeping surface. Again, the latex material does not absorb sweat and will not get sweaty-smelling quickly.

It also comes with a removable and machine-washable cover to wick away your body sweat and leave you sleeping cool and dry.

Among other things, most people point out to its great comfort and breathability. However, we did come across a few buyers who say that the smell may be off-putting at first.

But most of them affirm that the odor gets away after some days to leave you with a heavenly-feeling soft and supportive pillow.


  • Great if you love soft beddings
  • Super comfy and bouncy


  • Some buyers find it overly soft

PureTree Shredded Latex Foam Pillow- Best for Adjustability

The PureTree is the first of its kind on this list. If you are not sure about the perfect loft for your sleep needs, then the risk of getting a pillow that will either be too high or too low is quite high.

But that’s where pillows that allow you to customize their height to your preference come in handy. That’s what the PureGreen is.

It features a zippered inner lining that has been stuffed with uniformly shredded latex chips. This allows you to either remove or add the fillings to get the right loft for your comfort.

Latex foam is known for its breathability. Its excellent airflow gets even better with shredded fillings. This means that the Puretree won’t get hot or cold with respect to the weather.


  • Uses OEKO-Tex certified latex for safety
  • Shredded foam allow loft adjustment
  • Shredded chips boost breathability


  • Some claim that it is uncomfortably overstuffed (remember that it is height-adjustable though)

Alpha 100% Hypoallergenic Pillow- Best Contoured Pillow

Do you often find yourself fighting with your pillow at night as you search for a good positioning for your aching neck? Well, perhaps a contoured pillow is all you need.

Also known as a cervical pillow, this is an orthopedic bedding solution that is purposely designed to hold you cervical and lumbar region in a neutral and ergonomic position. The Alpha is a good representative of these models.

What we like about the Alpha is that it’s made of pure latex in Thailand and, therefore, offers all the benefits known to this material at best.

Previous buyers praise it for being super soft yet supportive enough. Unlike memory pillow, this pillow does not bottom out during the night.

This contoured pillow measures 23.6″ (L) by 14.6″ (W) and has a loft of between 4.3 inches and 5.1 inches. This high profile makes it ideal for medium to large framed people who sleep on their side.

If you sleep on your back, this pillow also comes in ‘bread’ style to prevent spraining your spinal curvature.

That’s not all.

This pillow also offers a low-profile model for your kids. The kid’s pillow has a loft of 2.8-3.5 inches to fit their small body frame.


  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Contoured design aligns your spine and neck for painless nights
  • Offers great neck support


  • Not the best if you prefer firm pillows

Natliving Thailand Latex Pillow- Best for Neck Pain Relief

Another great pick that has been imported from Thailand, the Natliving might also be a good choice for people living with neck and shoulder pains.

The first notable feature of this pillow is that a huge percentage (about 99.99%) of it is pure latex. This explains its slightly higher price tag.

The pure latex used in its construction makes it naturally hypoallergenic besides giving it its breathability attributes. Thus, the Natliving might be a solution for people living with asthma and allergies among other environmental sensitivities.

Previous buyers describe the Natliving as being soft and supportive yet not too firm. Its medium-firm design and high elasticity give it an ergonomic contour design that conforms to head, neck, and shoulder curves for optimum relaxation and pressure point relief.

Its fast rebound means that you benefit from constant support throughout the night. So, you won’t have to fluff it in the middle of the night.

Uniquely, this is the only pillow in this list that people seem to appreciate its smell. Unlike other models that reek of pungent chemical smells, the Natliving natural latex pillow emanates a soft, sweet, and soothing frankincense smell.

This smell has no harmful effects. In fact, most people say that its fresh milk-like smell soothes them to sleep.


  • Great quality (value for money)
  • Very comfortable (soft yet firm)
  • High elasticity ensures continuous support
  • Excellent breathability
  • Smells nice


  • Only one buyer finds it a bit smaller

Ailovyo Standard Latex Foam Pillow- Best for Snorers

You could look at this Ailovyo latex pillow as a blend of the Alpha and the Natliving pillows above. It is made of pure latex and features a contoured design making it appropriate for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back snoozers as well.

This pillow comes in at 23.6in (L) and 15.7in (W)x 3.9in. It also maxes out at a height of 4.7in (H1) and 3.9in (H2). These 2 heights give it a perfect radian and might cater for people with different height needs.

Similar to other pillows here, most people appreciate that the Ailovyo isn’t too thick to raise their heads to uncomfortable levels. It’s also not too thin to make it useless.

This pillow is also quite soft to hug and contour to your neck and neck and dense enough to offer therapeutic support.

The Ailovyo might make a great option for snorers thanks to its perfect radian and support. A huge proportion of its previous users also report that it helped them ease their painful necks and even arthritis.


  • Has perfect high and low radian design to fit most sleepers
  • Soft for comfort yet firm enough for a therapeutic support
  • Great for neck pains and arthritis
  • No bad odors


  • Several complaints of it being smaller than the stated heights

Malouf Z Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow- Best for Firmness

If you prefer a firm pillow for your head and neck support, then none of the pillows above will suffice. But the Z pillow by Malouf will do.

Malouf is among the only 2 brands here that offer you a choice of both size and firmness (Organic Textiles, below, is the second one). You could get this comfort solution in either a king or queen size and with any loft-firmness combination; high loft-firm, high loft-plush, low loft-firm, and low loft-plush.

This versatility ensures that everyone gets the perfect combination for their beds.

What we are reviewing here is a high loft-firm model. It might be ideal if our other medium-firm recommendations won’t offer the comfort that you need.

Particularly, I recommend it to side sleepers who tend to sink too deep in other lofts.

Admittedly, this model’s high profile and high density make it super hefty and only ideal for home use. On the other hand, however, these attributes mean that you are getting a pillow that won’t flatten out, clump up, or bulge even with endless turning and tossing.

Again, it won’t retain moisture and become smelly over time. Its numerous core piercing tunnels offer you a nice cool feel for a night full of dreams.


  • Different varieties offer just the right pick
  • High density guarantees durability
  • Does not retain heat


  • It’s hefty

Organic Textiles All-Natural Latex Pillow- Best for Hot Sleepers

The Organic Textiles is another eco-friendly pillow that has been created from all-natural latex. As I hinted to you above, this pillow offers a range of styles.

It comes in 3 sizes; standard, queen, and king. In addition, each of them is available in 4 firmness levels; soft, medium-firm, firm, and extra firm.

With all these possibilities, everyone should now be able to get a pillow that packs everything they have been yearning for.

What we are looking at here is the King size. It measures 36in (L) x 16.5in (W) and has a height of 6.5in. This height makes it a superb choice for people with broad shoulders and particularly the side sleepers.

Among other highlights that people point out about this pillow is that it does not emit odors and does not flatten out with regular use.

Similar to other pillows of its make, the Organic Textiles has a pin-core design that promotes excellent airflow. This design gets a boost from the hydrophilic organic cotton cover that wicks away sweat to keep you dry throughout the sleep.


  • Has minimal to zero odor
  • Maintains its shape for years
  • Fresh airflow design and sweat-wicking cover for a cool rest


  • A few complaints about its durability


Buying Guide- Know what matters and what doesn’t

Deciding to go for a latex pillow is one thing. But picking just one model from the various options that the market offers is another one.

Purchasing these bed solutions involves making important decisions on a few factors including;

  • Type of latex- natural, synthetic, or blended latex
  • Firmness level
  • Extraction process
  • Full block or shredded latex

Hands down, all the anxiety and confusion that come with purchasing a latex pillow emanates from these considerations.

So, let’s make your life easier by dissecting each of the above aspects separately for clarity

Type of latex

Technically speaking, latex pillows and mattresses are made of either natural latex, synthetic latex, or blended latex.

Natural latex– also known as botanical latex, this type is derived from 100% latex sap that is obtained from living rubber trees without harming them.

100% original latex pillows are a good choice for people who lead an organic lifestyle. They also make a good bet for environmentally conscious folks who prefer products that have been manufactured through eco-friendly means.

No need to mention, all-natural latex pillows are a bit hard to find. They are also pricier than other types of latex and other pillows in general.

But that’s because they represent a long-term investment with regard to durability. They also offer unsurpassed healthiness in that they are not chemically set.

Synthetic latex– as the name alludes, this is latex that has been produced in laboratories. Although most manufacturers put out all the stops to give it all the traits of 100% latex, synthetic latex is usually duller and has a less springy feel when compared to natural latex foam.

Again, due to the petroleum chemicals used in its creation, synthetic latex has a more abrasive odor that might irritate most sleepers.

Well, I don’t intend to make this laboratory-made latex seem inferior in any way whatsoever. Most synthetic latex pillows are, in fact, more supportive than memory foam, wool, and down pillows. Again, they are also less expensive.

In addition, several manufacturers also go an extra mile to remove most of the odors at the factory thereby minimizing the issue of off-gassing.

Blended latex– this type involves replacing a small amount of synthetic latex with natural latex. While most manufacturers claim that they aim at offering you the best of both worlds, the main essence here is to put the production cost down.

Consequently, blended latex pillows are way cheaper than 100% natural latex alternatives. Beware of retailers who market blended latex pillows as, ‘’made with original latex’’, ‘’100% natural latex’’, or ‘’contains natural latex.’’

While their claims are partly true, do note that these pillows contain just a small amount of natural latex usually 20% or even less.

Firmness level

Similar to mattresses, latex pillows also offer different options here. You could get a pillow that is soft, medium-soft, or firm.

Generally speaking, how soft or hard you need the pillow to be is your personal preference. But there are a few standard guidelines to this with regard to your sleeping posture;

Side sleepers

Sleeping on your side exerts a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Therefore, you need a firmer pillow to ensure excellent alignment of your head and shoulders.

This helps in supporting your neck and preventing it from assuming dangerous curves that may lead to pain and soreness.

Back dreamers

When sleeping on your back, your neck tends to be a little bit higher in the bed. Therefore, you want a pillow that is firm enough to support your neck in alignment with your back’s curvature.

However, it should not be so hard and stiff on you to make you feel like you are lying on a concrete floor. On this note, I would highly advise you to go for a model whose latex has been extracted through the Talalay process (more about this later).

Stomach sleepers

People who sleep on their bellies end up turning their heads to avoid sinking their faces directly into the pillow.

This means that your neck gets locked in awkward positions throughout the night that may lead to a tense, tight, and stiff neck in the morning. To avoid the dreaded neck pains, you want a pillow that is soft and flexible and not too high.

Extraction process- Dunlop or Talalay?

This is one vital aspect that most people tend to overlook when purchasing latex pillows or mattresses. ‘’But why does it matter?’’ You ask.

The Dunlop process has been used in the extraction of latex since 1929. It involves 4 major steps and it’s eco-friendlier than Talalay in that it uses fewer chemicals.

It is also denser and, therefore, a bit firmer than Talalay-extracted latex. Although this makes it relatively more durable, most people also find its products, especially pillows, quite on the stiffer side. This video has everything in detail.

The Talalay process, on the other hand, is a newer process that adds 2 more processes. These additional steps make it slightly softer than Dunlop. Therefore, Talalay-extracted latex pillows are a favorite for sleepers who are not comfortable with stiff beds.

On the downside, these pillows emanate more chemical odors since there are more chemicals involved.

Full block or shredded latex

This is yet another decision that you’ll need to make when shopping for a latex pillow. A full block pillow is solid.

The main advantage with these pillows is that they offer a consistent height. This means that you get a consistent and pronounced feeling even after changing your position slightly.

On the flipside?

Solid pillows are more prone to heat retention than shredded pillows. In addition, these pillows lack adjustability- a unique feature of their shredded alternatives.

Shredded latex pillows feature small cuts of latex that have been sliced from one block. These pillows feel a little bit softer and have excellent conformability than the full-block models.

Better enough, the shredded chips boost breathability, subsequently limiting heat retention for a cool and comfortable sleeping surface.

But what most people love about most shredded pillows is that they allow you to adjust the loft of the pillow to suit your needs. They have an open end that allows you to add or remove the chips for the perfect loft of your liking.

Benefits of Latex pillows

Frankly, latex isn’t the only material available on the market today. If anything, this construction material is known to be quite pricey compared to other materials.

One may ask, ‘’what makes it so special?’’

All-natural latex is healthy

Perhaps the main reason why natural latex is gaining popularity so fast is its high hygienic levels. Its closest competitor, memory foam, is known to utilize adhesives and an array of other petroleum-based chemicals.

These petroleum-based products emanate strong odors that contribute to pollution both indoors and outdoors. Some odors are so intense to necessitate airing for up to 72 hours.

Chemically-produced foam with high levels of toxic chemicals is linked to several side effects including nausea, coughing, headaches, chest discomforts, and aching and swollen eyes.

It is inherently hypoallergenic

Another big selling point of latex is that it is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. If you are allergic to molds, mildews, and dust mites, let’s agree that the last thing that you want is to dip your face into a pillow that offers a good foothold for these unwelcome intruders.

These pillows’ hypoallergenic and antibacterial attributes make them a superb addition to the best mattresses for allergies.

Sleeps cooler

Latex also boasts a natural open-cell design. It also features evenly distributed pin holes that are purposely created during the manufacturing process. These 2 work together to boost airflow and offer you a breathable and cool sleeping surface.

Such a pillow gets even better if it is endowed with a soft and highly breathable cover made from organic materials such as cotton and bamboo.

Offer consistent support

Latex is also known for its unique balance of conformability, comfort, and support. This material beats memory foam in that it is more responsive.

This means that it does not take much time to respond to your new sleeping position after turning. Needless to mention, this feature makes these pillows ideal for a sleeper with a bad neck or back that requires consistent support.

Well, this type of pillow may not have the ‘’sinking’’ feel that medium-density and low-density memory foam pillows have. However, it still offers a good amount of conformability and the much-needed support that is required to hold your head, neck, spine, and shoulders in a natural alignment.

On the same note, latex pillows don’t require regular fluffing as it’s the case with down and feather pillows. Again, it does not move around a lot and might, therefore, contribute to a more restful night especially for light sleepers.

Excellent resiliency (a.k.a Durability)

Similar to memory foam, latex also regains its shape after every night. This means that unlike low-end foam pillows, latex products will be able to hold their shape over a number of years to come thereby giving you good value for every buck spent.


Latex could be an excellent choice if you are looking for a pillow that blends in comfort and support. The main reason for its popularity is its top-notch resiliency. Latex mattresses maintain their bounce and shape for years.

This durability not only saves you money, but it also saves you the hassle of hunting for a new pillow that ticks all the boxes every year.

So, what’s your best pick from our list above?

In case you still need a little more help in choosing the best pillow, our recommendation would be the Alpha Latex.

What we like about it is that it comes ready to accommodate a wide array of sleepers. Unlike our runner-up, the Organic Textiles, the Alpha won’t confuse you with a hundred and one choices.

This pillow is soft enough to offer you cloud-like comfort and just firm enough to support your head, neck, and spine. It’s also more affordable and the fact that it always bounces back to its original shape means that you’ll be able to use it for years before thinking about a replacement.