Best Ikea Mattress Toppers Reviews in 2022

A bed that is plainly uncomfortable does you no favors. Whether you have an old mattress or a new one that you find either too firm or too soft, you could experience effects ranging from chronic neck and back pain to increased stress levels.

Luckily, this can be remedied by throwing in a mattress topper. Now, Ikea has always been a go-to brand for homeowners looking for affordable bedding solutions.

Since you are here, let’s take you through some of the best Ikea Mattress Toppers for this year.

Ikea Tananger 226.29268.1826 Mattress Topper- Best For Affordability

The Tananger is among the most highly rated Ikea toppers, and for good reason. This is a memory foam topper that will bring the conformability and hugging effects of this material if your bed does not have them already.

This topper is 2-3/8’’ thick and has a medium firm feel. Therefore, you can consider it a good bet if you are looking to up the comfort-level of an overly firm or overly soft memory foam, latex, or innerspring mattress.

While what we are reviewing here is the Queen size model, Ikea offers this topper in 3 other sizes; full, king, and twin.

Is it a good buy for you?

Well, considering its thickness, I wouldn’t recommend this topper if you are looking for a remedy for a worn out mattress with a huge groove in the middle.

Rather, this is a good choice for anyone who wants to add a degree of softness or firmness to a new mattress.

Thanks to its medium thickness, this topper boasts excellent conformability for pressure point and pain relief.

Worth noting, this topper has a stretch fabric cover made from a blend of polyester and cotton. The good news is that it is removable and can be machine-washed.


  • Can be used on a firm or soft mattress
  • Suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers
  • Cover has a snug fit and it’s removable


  • A few buyers claim that it’s more on the hard side

Ikea Tussöy 1026.29265.1822 Mattress topper, white- Best For Breathability

Mattress toppers are often made of polyfoam, memory foam, or latex. Have you ever wondered how an innerspring topper would look and feel like to sleep on?

Well, this might be your chance to find out.

The Ikea Tussoy 1026.29265.1822 goes off the grain to combine a layer of mini pocket springs and polyfoam to make a 4-3/8-inch thick soft topper.

The main reason why we included it here is the numerous benefits that it brings to the table.

To begin with, innerspring is an established technology and, therefore, not new to most of us. So, this topper makes a really good choice especially for die-hard fans of coil mattresses who want to add the innerspring feel to a memory foam or latex mattress.

Compliments to its hollow construction design, the Tussoy could also act as a cooling topper for a mattress that sleeps hot.

What’s even better is the amount of bounce that it adds to your bed. This makes it a good choice for memory foam mattresses that lack in this attribute.

Who should buy this topper?

This topper will be a superb choice for an overly firm innerspring, memory foam, or latex mattress. Thanks to its thickness, it’s also recommendable for all sleeping styles.

The major drawback with this topper is on durability. On average, it might last you 3-4 years, which is great. But it might not last this long if it will be used by a weighty couple.


  • Has good breathability to help you sleep cool
  • Might offer pain-relieving attributes
  • Offers both comfort and support


  • Not the best for allergy sufferers
  • Has poor motion isolation

Ikea Tromsdalen Latex 1028.11229.1430 Mattress Topper- Best For Allergens

An innerspring topper might be a great idea especially for someone who sleeps hot. It also rules the roost in terms of bounce thereby becoming taking the lead in making your nighttime activities great.

However, it won’t be a great choice if you are allergic to dust mites and other allergens.

But that’s where natural latex toppers come in. Unlike memory foam, latex has a good degree of bounce and does not sleep overly hot.

The Tromsdalen 1028.11229.1430 by Ikea is a great option here.  This topper has a thickness of 2-3/4 inches and it’s available in full, king, queen, and twin sizes.

It has a medium-firm feel but it’s more on the firmer side of the spectrum. Thus, it is worth going for if you have an overly soft mattress.

This topper is usable on any type of mattress. Particularly, it makes a good bet if you seek to minimize motion transfer and bounce on an innerspring mattress.

Similar to other Ikea toppers, the Tromsdalen comes with a cotton cover for added breathability.

This topper has its set of drawbacks too. For instance, it is quite pricey on Amazon. You could get a whole new memory foam mattress at its price.

Secondly, most users report that it has a toxic smell that takes some time to dissipate completely. A few people also find it firmer than expected.


  • It’s naturally hypoallergenic (great for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin)
  • Has great breathability for hot sleepers
  • It has better durability


  • It’s pricey
  • Has a strong chemical smell
  • Some users find it firm

Ikea Knapstad 003.489.63 Memory Foam Mattress Topper- Best for Sleeping Cool

The Ikea Knapstad topper not only looks good but it has also been cleverly crafted to meet the needs of a large population all around the year.

The main reason why we recommend it to you is its reversible design. This is a 2-1/2-inch topper made of pure memory foam on one side and gel-infused foam on the other side.

These 2 sides deliver the conformability and pain relieving attributes that memory foam is known for. The major difference, however, comes in heat retention.

The pure memory foam side will heat up much faster than the side with gel infusion technology. This means that you can choose the suitable side depending on the climate.

Who is it for?

Considering its 2-side construction design, the Ikea Knapstad will make a good purchase for anyone who is in need of a comfortable and supportive mattress topper.

However, considering its thickness, I would not recommend it to side sleepers weighing over 200lbs and who find their current mattresses overly firm for them.

This mattress best suits an average weight person who wants to add firmness to a slightly softer bed.

There aren’t a lot of drawbacks to it. But its price (on Amazon) could get you a new mid-range memory foam mattress.


  • Its reversible design promotes even wear
  • Gel layer sleeps cooler for long
  • Memory foam relieves back pain


  • Quite pricey for a topper

Ikea Tvinde 1826.29265.3010 Mattress Topper- Best for Pressure Point and Pain Relief

This topper shares the same construction design with the Ikea Tussoy but its notably cheaper. So, if our first recommendation seems pricier, you might want to consider this model.

The Tvinde boasts a soft coil system and a foam layer both that give it its 4-3/8’’ thickness. Thanks to its thickness, this topper will be a good bet for heavy side sleepers who want to add some softness to their firm beds.

It will also fit the bill for light side, stomach, and back sleepers who want to add some firmness to their current beds.

The major benefits that stand out from its design include better breathability and localized support compared to memory foam and a latex topper.

This topper will also add some bounce to a memory foam mattress if that’s what you need.

Similar to the Tussoy topper, this topper might have an issue with motion transfer. It might also not last so long if you intend to use it as a couple.


  • It sleeps cool
  • Offers targeted and consistent support
  • Adds bounce for intimacy


  • Not the best for allergy sufferers


A mattress topper is an economical way to rejuvenate your bed’s comfort without spending on a new mattress altogether.

However, do note that a topper won’t be of much help to a 20-year old mattress with a huge groove in the middle.

While these bedding solutions can boost the comfort level of a mattress that has suddenly stopped being comfortable, they aim at adding the level of softness or firmness to a new mattress that is yet to be broken into.

Now, there cannot be a single mattress topper that caters to the needs of everyone. Remember that we have different tastes with regard to mattress type, thickness, and firmness levels. And all these contribute a big deal to your ideal topper.

All in all, if we had to help you pick a single topper from this collection, then that would definitely be the Ikea Knapstad.

We feel that this topper will be a great purchase for most people considering its reversible 2-sided design.

The gel layer on one side will be your friend if you sleep hot while the other side will come in handy in cold weather when your body needs to retain the heat around you throughout the night.

We also like that this topper is just thick enough to let you experience the benefits of memory foam without causing too much sinking.