Best Gel Memory Foam Toppers in 2022

Sleep Innovations 4’’Mattress Topper- Best for Back Support

The Sleep Innovations 4’’ topper has been thoughtfully designed to suit people who are torn in between a firm and a soft bed.

Unlike other low-end alternatives, this topper combines a 2-inch memory foam layer and a 2-inch quilted fiberfill to leave you craving for more sleep.

The memory foam layer is made of high-density foam and it’s, therefore, quite firm. Thus, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are running away from a firm mattress. Rather, it makes a good choice if you have an overly soft mattress that lacks enough support for your back.

This topper’s thickness also makes it a superb choice for stocky sleepers who tend to bottom out their medium-density mattresses.

In addition, the Sleep Innovations mattress topper is highly favored for its therapeutic comfort. Previous buyers with chronic back pains hugely agree that this topper offers incredible support for superior pressure point relief.

What we like most is that this topper has been infused with gel to boost its support and breathability. This is a bonus feature especially for people who suffer from hot flushes at night.

Other than the gel-infused memory foam layer, this topper also comes with a 2-inch fiberfill that offers out-of-this-world softness.

Without forgetting, this manufacturer avails this topper in all sizes. It’s very likely that there’s a solution for your mattress here: queen, king, California King, twin, and full.


  • Offers therapeutic comfort
  • Firm topper for optimum support
  • Super soft fiber fill for a soft sensation
  • Gel-infused for heat dissipation


  • Several complaints about poor durability despite its 10-year warranty

LUCID (2.5 Inch) Memory Foam Mattress Topper- Best for Firm Mattresses

The Lucid is best suited for homeowners who are looking for a solution for their overly firm mattresses. One thing that you’ll probably like about this topper is its 2-inch size.

Let’s all agree that a topper’s main role is to boost the comfort and support levels of a mattress without making it uncomfortably bulky.

This thickness coupled with the contouring attribute of memory foam make the Lucid a good pick for people suffering from joint pains and sore muscles. The 2-inch thickness allows you to sink in thereby aligning your spine and upper and lower joints in a relaxed natural position for optimum rest.

You must be asking, ‘’will this topper make me sleep hot?’’ Well, a few buyers report that it was notably hotter. However, we appreciate that it has been infused with gel bead to mitigate this issue.

Uniquely, it also comes with a super soft removable Tencel-blend cover to reduce the accumulation of heat even further.


  • It’s durable
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
  • Has a removable cover for hygiene


  • Some find it overly soft

LINENSPA Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper- Best Cheap Topper

Has your mattress started causing you back and neck pains? Is your new mattress a little bit firmer than you had anticipated?

Whichever the case, this Linenspa memory foam topper might help you out. This is a 2-inch medium-density topper that will make your mattress a little bit soft without being so bulky.

What we like about it is that it boosts comfort without interfering with the support from your mattress. It contours to your body curves to help alleviate pains and sore muscles.

Its thin design also makes it a great deal if all you want is to minimize motion transfer in your bed. This is to mean that you can use this topper on any type of mattress including innerspring and latex mattresses.

Among other things, we like that this topper comes at a relatively lower price and has a good construction design for durability. It also comes in different sizes to fit different beds.

The only drawback (not a deal breaker) is that it might ship with a slight memory foam smell. Luckily, most people affirm that it dissipates after a few hours.


  • Adds comfort to a firm mattress
  • Very affordable
  • It’s not bulky


  • May have a slight smell (it will fade super fast though)

HOFISH 3-inch Gel Mattress Topper- Best for Breathability

What we like most about the Hofish memory foam mattress topper is its breathability. Unique from other toppers that have simply been infused with gel beads, Hofish has been crafted with excellent ventilation to boost the airflow and help you sleep cool in return.

This excellent airflow makes it a good contender for people who sleep hot and aging women who might be suffering from hot flashes.

This topper uses a special memory foam formula to make it super soft. It might be a great addition to a mattress that is a bit firm.

Its 3-inch thickness is a killer by itself too. First, this thickness means that the topper won’t make your bed bulky to spread your sheets. Again, it’s not so thin to subject you to your firm mattress.


  • Super soft
  • 3 –inch thickness (not too thin or too bulky)
  • Has excellent ventilation


  • Some find it too soft

DreamFoam Bedding DF20GT2050- Best for Back Pain

Best Memory Foam Topper for back pain

Honestly, the main reason why we included the DreamFoam Bedding Topper here is the sheer number of people who vouch for its back-pain relieving attributes.

This topper might be what you are looking for if you need a topper that is both supportive to your back yet soft enough to give you a cloud-like feeling.

Mind you, not many brands are able to offer this blend. That’s why most toppers are either too firm or too soft.

The Dream Foam Bedding DF20GT2050 is made in the USA and it’s certiPUR-us certified. This means that is made of safe materials and does not contain ozone depleters.


  • Soft yet supportive
  • Fairly priced
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit your needs
  • Certipur-us certified for safety


  • Has a notably strong smell for the first few days


Hofish may not be as popular as Linenspa and Sleep Innovations in this industry. However, we have to admit that this brand packs a punch in their 3-inch gel-infused memory foam topper.

What we like most about it is that it features a 3-inch thickness that makes it a sweet spot between being too bulky or too thin to serve its purpose.

It comes in 4 different sizes; full, twin, queen, and king and might be of help to all sleepers and people with back pains and sore muscles.