Best Comfortaire Beds Reviews- 5 Best Air Mattresses   

Comfortaire G12 mattress – Best for Breathability

The Comfortaire G12 is a popular mattress from this brand, highly praised for its ease of use, comfort, and durability.

One thing that attracts us to this model is the thoughtful engineering that Comfortaire has used in its construction. This is a 12-inch mattress made up of 6 different components that complement each other to offer the sleeper a luxurious blend of comfort.

The top-most layer is a soft natural bamboo-based fabric cover that cradles and soothes your skin in air-conditioned plush comfort. What we like here is its excellent breathability that lets you sleep cool and more refreshed.

In addition, it is inherently antifungal and antibacterial.

The second layer here is a 2.75-inch medium-density convoluted pad that lies directly on the air chambers. This pad offers targeted support and helps in relieving pressure points around the shoulders and back.

But what’s so impressive is that this convoluted pad is interchangeable. This means that you can easily replace it after some years or whenever you feel like.

The G12 comes with a wireless firmness control with 100 comfort settings to offer personalized sleep each night.


  • Has been Certipur-us certified for your safety
  • Has individually customizable sides
  • Bamboo-based rayon cover sleeps cool
  • Offers 100 comfort settings
  • Replaceable components promise durability


  • Does not offer the best edge support

Comfortaire N15 mattress- Best for Hot Sleepers

This mattress is a step up from the G12 and the G13 below. Similar to its siblings, the N15 brings the elegance and luxury that Comfortaire beds are known for plus a little more in terms of comfort.

One thing that sets it apart is its edge-to-edge air support. This mattress flaunts Comfortaire’s patented urethane air chambers that offer full adjustability across the entire bed.

Unlike other beds from other collections, the N15 offers you 15% more usable sleeping surface. This makes it a favorite choice among couples who move a lot. Couples also like that each person has total control of their comfort.

The N15 is ideal for all types of sleepers thanks to the Evellafoam used in it. This is a blend of synthetic latex and memory foam that has been infused with green tea scent to give it a more natural feel.

But what makes all the difference in this mattress is the cooling knit cover that features Feran Ice technology. Basically, this technology adds some hydrophilic attributes to the cover to boost its sweat-wicking traits as fast as you perspire. So, you remain cooler and sleep better.


  • Edge-to-edge air support offers more sleeping surface
  • Individually customizable side minimizes inconveniences
  • Latex and memory foam blend offers more comfort and support


  • Quite pricey for what it offers

Comfortaire G13 mattress – Best for Bad Back

The Comfortaire G13 is pretty much similar to the G12 only that it has been tweaked to offer a little more support and comfort. It is also notably pricier, perhaps due to the choice of materials used.

So, what’s there to like about it?

One thing that you’ll note first is the impressive design that this mattress features. Sure, this is a guarantee that you’ll not only be upgrading your sleep’s comfort but your bedroom’s luxurious aura as well.

This mattress’ removable cover has been crafted from bamboo-based rayon fibers. These fibers are said to be antifungal and antibacterial.

But what we like most is that this cover does not stick to your skin. It acts as a natural air-conditioner and wicks away sweat to let you sleep cool and fresh.

One thing that differentiates the G13 from the G12 is the Evellafoam that has been used on it. This technologically engineered layer features synthetic latex that has been infused with memory foam.

The result is a supportive topper that molds to your body to offer excellent pressure relief without compromising the cooling and springiness properties of latex.

This mattress might make a good choice for people who want a superb blend of support and comfort. Like other models from this brand, the G13 also has individually customizable sides and offers 100 comfort settings in its wireless control.


  • Latex and memory foam layer relieves pain and sore muscles
  • Select your comfort level from 100 settings
  • Components are replaceable


  • Some say that it sleeps hot

Comfortaire G10 Mattress – Best Affordable Model

It’s a well-known fact that Comfortaire mattresses reign supreme with regard to comfort and great sleep. But they are also quite pricey.

In that case, the G10 might be an ideal option if you are eyeing a Comfortaire but can’t afford to sink in 4 grand at once. This mattress is only a few inches shorter than its pricier siblings yet it packs quite a good punch on all the vital fronts.

To begin with, the G10 boasts two 6-inches, 24-gauge latex/cotton air chambers that can be controlled separately. What’s good is that you’ll still be able to enjoy the 100 setting that the new Comfortaire Q10 firmness technology offers.

You’ll also enjoy lots of comfort from the 2.25-inch convoluted pad. Worth of praise is that you have the freedom to replace this pad with a topper of your choice.

Another great feature is that this mattress is certipur-us certified. This is an assurance that it has no products that may affect your health.


  • It’s more affordable
  • Offers 100 comfort settings
  • Low profile design for kids and seniors


  • Lacks any advanced thermal regulation design

Comfortaire 9-inch RV Mattress – Best for RVs

Our next pick here might fit the bill if you are looking for a reliable mattress for your RV. In our opinion, this mattress is more of an extension of your main bed, and that’s why we had to include it here.

The main component here is a 6-inch cotton/latex air chamber with dual sides for individual comfort customization.

This airbase supports a 2-inch convoluted foam pad that offers a soft and cushy sleeping surface. The ability to adjust each side’s firmness level independently means that this bed can suit all types of sleepers without subjecting them to back and neck pains.

We also love that, similar to other high-end Comfortaires, you can replace the support pad with any other model to fit your comfort needs even better.


  • Has better edge support
  • Could last for long
  • Dual adjustability offers personalized comfort


  • Requires cooling sheets


As usual, we struggled to identify the best contender in this list before picking the N15. The major feature that sets this mattress apart is its edge-to-edge air support.

This aspect means that you get up to 15% more sleeping surface. In addition, this feature coupled with the individually customizable settings makes this mattress even better for couples.

It uses Comfortaire’s Evellafoam that brings the best of latex and memory foam in one package. This mattress conforms to your body to relieve stress and to offer enough rest by aligning your spine and muscles.

We also appreciate that it features the Feran Ice Technology that is responsible for thermal regulation. This is a plus for people who tend to sleep hot especially in hot months.