Best Cervical Pillows

If you get up every morning, well-rested and ready to take on the world, you are lucky. Not everyone has that luxury. Some individuals suffer from stiff, sore and painful necks. Experts refer to this condition as cervicalgia. It is said, you never miss the water until the well runs dry. In this case, you never appreciate a good night sleep until you experience a sleepless night and wake up with a painful and stiff neck.

Now, there are numerous reasons why some people experience this. At the top of the list is an uncomfortable pillow. Yes, your trusted pillow has been robbing you of your sleep and comfort. To help alleviate the pain, the most practical thing to do is change your pillow.

For this reason, we have taken the liberty to provide you with a review of the best cervical pillows to help ease your neck pain.

A Few Things to Remember When Choosing the Best Cervical Pillow

As always, it is utterly important to make sure that you pick a pillow that is going to offer you the comfort you deserve. While there are plenty of cervical pillows in the market, your preferences and priorities should help you pick one that is going to serve your needs best. Here are some questions and considerations that can help you achieve that.

  • Is the pillow able to fill your cervical space?
  • Are you allergic to any materials?
  • What is your sleeping position and the will the pillow support that?
  • Is the pillow recommended by professionals?
  • How durable is pillow?
  • What materials have been used in making the pillow?
  • Are there any added benefits to your pillow of choice?
  • What is the guarantee and warranty period of the pillow?

Top 10 Best Cervical Pillows

  1. Xtra-Comfort’s Cervical Pillow – Best Pillow for Spine Alignment

This cervical pillow is designed to improve the quality of your sleep. It is ergonomically designed to provide proper spine alignment for side and back sleepers which in turn reduce muscle spasms, arthritis, neck pain and headaches.

It is constructed with resilient memory foam which provides ample durability and support. Covering the resilient memory foam is a soft cover made from microfiber. This adds to the pillow’s comfort.

At its core, this pillow features an oval recession which supports back sleepers. Around this depression is an elevated edge which makes the pillow perfect for side sleepers.


  • It can fit a regular pillow case courtesy of its standard size
  • It provides great comfort and support thanks to its recessed core and elevated edges
  • The memory foam filling gets it to last for long


  • It might take a while for one to get used to a firm pillow such as this
  1. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra Luxury Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow – Best All-Round Cervical Pillow

This is a high-quality cervical pillow. It is designed and constructed using high-quality memory foam. Snuggle-Pedic uses two different foam types to provide such great comfort, resilience and support. The pillow does not go flat with time. It retains its buoyancy for maximum support.

In addition to the luxurious comfort it offers, the unit comes with a breathable cover (micro-vented). This cover will ensure you remain cool throughout the hot and sweaty nights.

Last but not least, the pillow comes in three sizes; King, Queen and standard sizes. With this variety, you are assured of getting your perfect pillow.


  • It has a bamboo and breathable cover which improves ventilation and keeps you cool throughout the night
  • It is easy to customize to fit your sleeping style
  • Its perfectly shredded memory foam features lasting buoyancy and consequently lasting support and comfort


  • Some individuals may feel the original shape and height is uncomfortable. A little customization may be necessary
  1. Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow by Coop Home Goods – Best Hypoallergenic Pillow

Regardless of your sleeping habits and positions, this memory foam pillow is bound to provide you with ample and perfect support. Its cover is constructed from Rayon and Polyester. Under this hybrid cover is a perfect mix of professionally shredded Visco elastic memory foam. You can always add to, or remove the memory foam to adjust and meet your unique comfort needs.

Additionally, the unit is rated and categorized as dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic. If you suffer from allergies, this pillow will not excite them in the least.

The pillow is easy to maintain and care for as it is machine washable and comes with a 5-year warranty. It is available in 3 sizes; standard, king and queen sizes.


  • It is easy to adjust to meet your personal comfort levels and match your sleeping style
  • It does not excite allergies courtesy of its hypoallergenic design
  • The shredded memory foam provides the pillow with breathability


  • Like other pillows, it may feature a brand new scent which might be a turn off for some


  1. Arc4Life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow – Best Hand-stuffed Pillow

This is a high quality, hand-stuffed polyester fibre fill pillow. It features a subtle V-shape that is helpful in positioning the head away from the shoulders thus providing pain relief and comfort. Additionally, this unit is bound to help reduce snoring tendencies. How does it do that? It helps keep the air passages open at all times.


  • It is especially perfect for individuals suffering from severe military necks
  • It provides superior comfort and support to both back and side sleepers
  • It also helps alleviate shoulder pain


  • It might take a while to get used to the pillow but the effectiveness and comfort improves with time
  1. Sleep Yoga Dual Position Neck Pillow – Best Environmentally Friendly Pillow

This unit features an ergonomic design that allows one to move comfortably from one side to another and from the side sleeping position to your back. As the name suggests, this pillow is designed to subtly replicate some of the pros of yoga. These include improved oxygen flow and an improved posture.

You can choose between a medium firm and a medium soft – whichever meets your fancy. The material it is made from is hypoallergenic, machine washable and soft. Also, the materials are biodegradable.

You will not have instances where your pillow loses shapes or cramps into itself. It retains its buoyancy.


  • The ergonomic design allows you to transition from one sleeping position to the next.
  • It contains patented filling material from Denmark. This offers superior comfort and support
  • It has two firm categories; medium firm and medium soft


  • The pillow will with time lose its firmness and shape
  1. Spring Bed Breathable Neck Pillow – Best Non-Flattening Pillow

This pillow is designed and constructed from permanently soft and super resilient materials. This pillow features a non-flattening system which provides it with improved durability. As a matter of fact, the unit after a whopping 50,000 pounding cycles, retains an impressive 94% of the original softness and 91% of the original volume.

Inside this pillow are independent suspension systems and active contours. The suspension system is constructed using 40 coils each with autonomous movement. With this support, your head is always free to move in any direction and perfectly supported.

The cover features silky fibres and also has 3D spacer mesh. This improves the unit’s breathability. With the slightest pressure, warm air is pumped out of the pillow and cool air sucked in.


  • It is comfortable and offers superior support courtesy of its inner suspensions
  • It is breathable and allows for a cool night sleep even on a hot night
  • It is smooth and soft to touch


  • Some users do not like the flat design of this pillow
  1. Medium Profile Memory Foam Cervical Pillow – Design Recommended by Chiropractors

This cervical pillow features a cover made of a perfect blend of bamboo and polyester. The foam inside the pillow features an orthopaedic design and has special density recommended by chiropractors for superior support and comfort.

The foam used does not feature lead, mercury or other heavy metals. In addition to this, the pillows are free of Formaldehyde. As such, the pillow has low emissions and supports great air quality.

The bamboo cover mentioned above is micro-vented and soft. You might be tempted to use the pillow without the pillowcase. The cover is removable and also, machine washable.


  • Perfect for individuals with allergies as it is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • It is safe as it is free of harmful heavy metals
  • It is comfortable courtesy of its orthopaedic design
  • It is perfect for both side and back sleepers


  • The pillow height may be too high for some individuals
  • For some, this pillow is too flat
  1. Xtreme Comforts Bamboo Cervical Pillow – Best Breathable Cervical Pillow

This is yet another great memory foam pillow  and most customers seem to agree. Xtreme comforts incorporate micro-vented Kool-flow tech. this technology makes the pillow breathable and reduces chances of overheating even in hot summer nights.

It is important to point out that this product is free of heavy metals and ozone depleters. It is completely safe for use.


  • It is safe for use
  • It does not cause allergic reactions
  • It is breathable and does not overheat


  • It is significantly firm and might need some getting used to
  1. Original Premium Memory Foam Cervical Pillow – Best for Side, Back and Stomach Sleepers

To elevate the quality of your sleep, this is your answer. This pillow is made of cotton it features an ergonomic design meant to provide neck support and comfort throughout the night.

Speaking of neck support, this pillow’s support is adjustable for side, stomach and back sleepers. It adapts to the neck’s curvature and posture.

The cotton cover is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant and also machine washable.


  • It is comfortable and offers superior support courtesy of its adjustability design
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • It does not trigger allergies


  • The support may not be the best compared to other high-end pillows
  • It needs some bunching up for ample comfort after some time of using it
  1. Mediflow Waterbased Pillow – Best Adjustable Cervical Pillow

This product combines a polyester fibre cover (hypoallergenic) with a super thin water base inside it. The pillow firmness can be customized by removing or adding water.

Given its design and construction, it is fairly comfortable and soft. It is perfect for individuals experiencing neck pain and who find other pillows too hard or too firm for them.


  • It is durable
  • It is comfortable and soft for the neck and head
  • The adjustable water base adjusts to your head movements while you sleep


  • The pillow is heavy and not perfect for travelers
  • It is expensive



  • Help to ease neck pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, stiffness and in some cases, snoring too
  • Provide superior support and comfort


  • Expensive in comparison to normal pillows
  • One has to get a pillow design made for his preferred sleeping position for optimal comfort

Buyers Guide

A simple search for cervical pillows on your best search engine or on Amazon will bombard you with numerous results. It is incredible how different cervical pillows designed to perform the same task are.

If you start shopping without an idea of what you are looking for, you will be wasting your time. Actually, there are high chances you will choose a pillow that does not completely meet your needs.

Important Considerations

  • Durability and Resilience – different pillows feature different shelf lives. Their shelf lives depend on the quality of material used in the construction and how dense it is. Less stuffing translates to reduced density and faster break down. But when the pillow is too dense, it means it is firm and may be less comfortable. The trick is to find the perfect balance of density and comfort.
  • Shape – cervical pillows come in varying shapes. These include V-shape pillows and trapeze centred pillows. The shape you choose depends on your preference and to some extent, your preferred sleeping position.
  • Size – the size you choose depends on the distance between the shoulder and head. Other times it is dependent on your bed size. For most average persons, a pillow medium should work.



You should understand that there are different materials used to stuff pillows. One of the best stuffing materials is memory foam. This material is already common in mattresses. It is slowly catching on in the pillow industry.

Some pillows feature chunks of memory foam while others feature shredded memory foam. Shredded memory foam is best as it allows air circulation inside the pillow.

That said, water pillows are also catching up pretty fast. They are a great option for those suffering from headaches and neck pains. It might seem odd but water is actually a great filling material. Since water is incompressible, water-based pillows are slightly firm.

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position will also offer you with great insight as to which cervical pillow you should choose.

  • Side sleepers – If you are the type of person who sleeps on your side, consider a firm and thick pillow. With this type of pillow, the space left between your mattress and neck is supported by the pillow. Side sleeper pillows are designed with curved sides. The centre is ‘pocketed’ to provide ample head and neck support
  • Back sleeper – If you snore, it could also be a sign that you urgently need a cervical pillow. Aside from supporting the neck and head, back sleeper pillows are designed to keep the air passages open and thus prevent. They usually are designed to be flat and firm.
  • Stomach sleeper – for side sleepers, these pillows are imperative as they help in improving normal breathing. Side sleeper pillows can double as stomach sleeper pillows

All-purpose cervical pillows – more and more chiropractors are designing all-purpose pillows. These are perfect for any sleeping position you might assume at night. It does not confine you to a single sleeping position.

These pillows come in different shapes and designs. Some feature a trapezoidal shape at the centre and others have firmer and larger sides. All of these designs are meant to provide ample support and comfort.


Clearly, it is imperative to get a cervical pillow – and not just any cervical pillow, but the best at that. The above list should get you started. Speaking of which, the winning cervical pillow from the list is the Xtra comfort cervical pillow.

This pillow has everything you need to alleviate neck pain. As a matter of fact, it is designed to provide relief from neck spasm, stiff neck and in some even snoring. It helps with the proper alignment of the spine while you sleep.

It is best for back and side sleepers who have trouble finding a comfortable and painless sleeping position.