Bed in a Box Pacbed Original

bed in a boxIn this review, I will be taking a closer look at the Bed in a Box Pacbed Original mattress. I will examine the most important features including firmness, durability and motion isolation. I will also be weighing up the pros and cons of the mattress to see if customers feel that it matches up to the claims made by the manufacturer.

Who Should Be Interested in This Mattress?

The Bed in a Box Pacbed Original is a good fit for people who sleep on their side or back. You may also be interested in this mattress if you are looking for a luxury mattress, but at an affordable price. The density of the base layer also makes this mattress suited to heavier people weighing more than 230lbs.

How It Is Made

The base layer is 8 inches of 2.4 density regular foam which is designed to offer support and spinal alignment. There is then a 3 inch comfort layer of low density gel infused memory foam. The Coolrest Gel is designed to reduce heat retention. The mattress also has a thin, breathable cover designed specifically to protect memory foam mattresses. Overall the thickness of the Bed in a Box Pacbed Original is approximately 11 inches.


In terms of the pros of the Bed in a Box Pacbed Original, one of the most common customer comments you will see is that for the price the durability is excellent. Other positive comments from customers include the fact that there is good motion isolation and very little noise. The mattress is considered to be very comfortable and customer satisfaction levels seem to be above average. The density of the base layer means that the mattress is not only durable, but it also offers better support for heavier sleepers weighing 230lbs or more.


On the down side, many customers have commented on the limited range of options available. There are also a high number of customers complaining about the initial off-gassing from the mattress and a fair number of people have said that the mattress is very hot to sleep on.

Comfort / Firmness

The mattress is rated as medium firm, but according to customer reviews it does run on the softer side of the scale. The majority of customers say that the Box in a Bed Pacbed offers a great level of support for them and reduced back pain is commonly mentioned by customers who have been using the mattress for a little while.

Motion Isolation

The Bed in a Box Pacbed Original performs well in motion isolation tests. It is able to absorb the movement of one person so that it limits disturbance for the other person sleeping in the bed. This makes the mattress a good choice for couples, especially if one partner is a restless sleeper.


The Bed in a Box PacBed Original has a 20 year warranty, but most customers agree that it is at it’s best during the first 7 years. This is slightly better than the average life of a memory foam mattress. It seems that the density of the base layer foam.

Smell / Off-gassing

There are a higher than average number of customers who have complained of significant off gassing initially. However, most have confirmed that any unpleasant odours did dissipate after no longer than two weeks.

Temperature Issues

In terms of heat retention, the Bed in a Box Pacbed Original seems to perform on a par with similar mattresses. Approximately 6% of customers have stated that the temperature is uncomfortable while another 12% say it does sleep warm, but not to an unbearable or uncomfortable extent. The remainder of customers seem happy with the temperature and heat retention. The mattress features a gel-infused memory foam that is designed to reduces heat retention by up to 30%. The mattress cover is also thin and breathable to allow air to circulate and help minimize heat retention.


The Bed in a Box Pacbed Original has been independently tested by accredited laboratories to confirm that the foam is free from harmful emissions and to verify its content and durability. All of the polyurethane and latex foam used in the mattress is certified and manufactured within the USA and the covers are made in wither the USA or Canada. This offers peace of mind that the mattress is completely safe and up to industry regulations.


Around half of all customer reviews suggest that you will want to add a mattress topper to your Bed in a Box PacBed Original for additional comfort.

Warranty & Return Policies

Bed in a Box offers a 120 day no risk return policy to all customers. However, they do stipulate that the mattress needs to be kept for a minimum of 60 days before they will consider a return on it. The warranty offered by Bed in a Box on this mattress is 20 years. The first 10 years are not prorated, but the remaining years have a prorated replacement charge of 50% and the charge increases by 5% for each year beyond the first 10.

Company Reputation

Bed in a Box are known for have good customer service. They have been in business since 2006 and have achieved an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In the past 5 years there has not been a single official complaint filed against the company which is actually very rare among mattress manufacturers.

Where to Buy?

Bed in a Box primarily sells via their own website and online store. However, they also have dealerships in department stores across 11 different states. As the mattresses are mainly sold online, they are supplied rolled up in a box for easy shipment which is where the brand got their names.

In conclusion, the Bed in a Box Pacbed Original is an affordable option that still measures up to some of the more expensive mattresses. It is on the softer side and some customers have reported off-gassing, but overall the customer satisfaction on this particular mattress is fairly high.

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