Beautyrest Black Sonya Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress Review

Beautyrest-SonyaThe mattress, with its cutting-edge technology and surface cool plus fiber, draws heat out of the body and help to have a comfortable sleep while maintaining the ideal sleep climate. It is 18 inch high. The mattress boasts of the advanced pocketed coil. This feature helps to provide enhanced back support, which enables ease of movement. Moreover, it also provides pressure point relief that is associated with providing relief from backache.

It is an adjustable base friendly mattress, which has latex and memory foam layers. These layers contour and conform in order to provide comfortable and quality sleep. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

Furthermore, the mattress uses Ventilated Aircool Technology which enhances the airflow. It is composed using new get technology, which enables you to sleep peacefully as it maintains just the right climate that is most suitable for human beings while they are sleeping.


The mattress is a popular one with those who have a backache or other such issues. As it provides ample back support, it provides relief from the pain from back and shoulder and enables one to have a quality sleep.

Another factor that goes in favor of this mattress is the airflow feature. This particular feature keeps the mattress fresh, and there are no complaints of the initial odor of chemicals.


The biggest drawback of this mattress is that it is expensive as compared to other models by leading brands. It boasts of numerous features, but the big price tag makes it out of the range for people with low budget. Moreover, it is on the heavier side; therefore, setting it up can be a tough task.

The excess height is another factor, which can go against this mattress. It requires you to have a support to climb up or down the mattress.


The mattress is impressive to view and boast of numerous exceptional features. However, its cost is one of the biggest factors that can act as a constraint for buying this mattress. If budget is not the issue, you can buy this mattress and get rid of your morning aches due to the numerous benefits it offers.

It is ideal for those who like to have a mattress that forms around their bodies. Whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper, you can use this mattress for sleeping without any concerns of soreness in back or shoulder pain.

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