Aviya Mattress Review

aviya mattressAviya American company offers customers inexpensive hybrid mattresses combining 3 foam layers and steel innersprings. This mattress is perfect for you if you get pleasure from sleeping on a firm comfortable bed and do not wish to overpay for it. Persons, having no time for shopping will enjoy Aviya’s policy – to order products online. Read this review to learn more about hybrid mattresses and decide whether this stuff is good for you.


Aviya is a hang-made mattress manufactured only in the USA. Combination of 3 layers of HD polyester foam and steel coils makes it a hybrid. Each inner spring (Queen mattress has 800 of them) is wrapped individually. Two foam layers come under its quilted cover, while the third one is used for stability. The foam layer, wrapping the mattress, provides its better support.


95% of Aviya buyers love its low price, starting from $699 for a Twin model. The mattress’ users mention fast free product’s delivery and 3 months trial of the unit. Stomach sleepers praise firm Aviya models. Side sleepers mention Luxury Firm products as the best choice. Even big people do not sink far down when sleeping on this bed.


Some customers find even Luxury Firm models too much firm. The others do not have any “plush” feeling than Plush model must have. Fans of latex mattresses reject Aviya offers despite their attractive price. Buyers enjoying shopping and testing beds before the deal do not like only the online option for getting the mattress.

Comfort / Firmness

The company provides 3 choices of firmness – Plush, Firm and Luxury Firm. Pick any variant in accordance with your habits of sleeping. HD foam gives a person a comfortable feeling, while steel inner coils make the construction supportive and durable. A few customers find all Aviya models too much firm. The usage of high density polyester foam minimizes the mattress’ sagging.

Motion isolation

The hybrid mattress construction (3 HD foam layers and coils combination) was developed for the perfect motion isolation. Meanwhile, some buyers find that the mattress does not absorb any motion enough well. For motion isolation they give Aviya 7 from 10 only.


The mattress lifespan is over 10 years – the warranty given by the company. The secret of fine Aviya durability is hidden exactly in its construction. Only the USA made materials are used in manufacturing all the mattresses’ models. The buyers rated the mattress’ lifespan as “very good”. Over 87% of them are satisfied with their choice made in favor of Aviya.

Smell / off gassing

Unpacking Aviya mattress, many buyers felt a minor smell identical to the odor that new foam mattresses usually have. However, the smell vanishes in less than a week. You must not worry about the odor origin – these Certi-PUR certified mattresses are not toxic. Airing the bedroom often will fasten the process of the smell disappearing.

Does it hot to sleep on?

Using special quilted premium eco-friendly layer and HD foam on the mattress top, Aviya made the stuff providing comfortable for sleeping temperatures. 96% of customers find they never feel hot sleeping on this bed. Even in summer it stays cool at night.

Is it toxic?

The product foam layers are Certi-PUR certified. It means the stuff is not toxic. The HD foam for Aviya is made without using mercury, formaldehyde or lead. No flame retardants are ever used in its production. Materials for Aviya do not pollute the air.

Bed bugs and dust mites

No dust mites or bed bugs can live inside Aviya mattress. Its stretch-knit covering does not let the mites penetrating inside the bed. Meanwhile, it never matters that no one bed bug will get on your bed (from pillows, carpets). To prevent dust mites or bed bugs appearance, vacuum mattress regularly and wash its cover in a washing machine.


Aviya mattresses are usually offered without a foundation. Buyers can place a new mattress on a foundation they have at home, but the stuff must not be older than 5-6 years. For customers needing the better bed support Aviya suggests choosing a 5 or 9 inch height foundation. It is delivered with your mattress free.

Warranty and return policies

The ten years warranty for each new Aviya model starts since the day you get it home. The warranty gives the buyers protection from defects made mechanically and excessive mattress sagging. Finding any of these defects, you must call the company service. You can also fill in special warranty form and send it to Aviya. When this application is approved, the defected mattress is replaced for a new one.

Company reputation

Working at the market of manufacturing products for comfortable sleeping, Aviya has a high reputation among consumers and competing firms. Its specialists constantly work out innovations that help productive high-quality cheap mattresses. Aviya uses only the best eco-friendly materials. Aviya customers support works 24/7 helping each client.

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