About us

Hi! Here we are:




We are the team of sleep product specialists. Each of us worked in mattress industry for over 12 years. We decided to combine our experience and create this website.

How can this website help you?

The process of buying a mattress or any other sleep product is completely overwhelming and confusing. You need to look throug reviews from other customers who used that product. It can be very time consuming. Many reviews are fake and many review doesn’t contain valueable information.

The idea and mission of this website is to help you to save your time, money and to help you to find the best mattress and help you sleep better.


We collect consumer experiences from hundreds of websites, exclude fake and “promotional” reviews. We use only reliable and credible reviews from people, who owned their product for significant amount of time.

Then we analyze all collected data and rate each item by several important characteristics and then calculate overall rating for each item. Each characteristic has its own weight in the overal rating to make it most accurate.

Our research is based on over 291,400 actual consumer experiences and personal experience of our experts.

We believe everyone deserves healthy sleep and good sleep products should not be reserved only for those with high incomes. We are here to show you how to beat the system and get the best product for the money.

We receive NO compensation from companies or individuals to affect the content and ratings of our website

A word from CEO

Greetings! I’m William, one of the founders of SleepMentor.

Sleep is a wonderful privilege all people have but often take for granted. This is why I have spent the past five years of my life maximizing every opportunity I get to sleep on different mattresses and a number of high-quality pillows available online and in actual stores to help those who are struggling to get a well-deserved rest from their busy routines and assist them in finding the right sleep products for them.

Just like any other regular human being, I love to sleep; however, I am fairly realistic for I know how tough mattress and pillow shopping can be. Not only is it exhausting, confusing, and intimidating, it is also quite annoying to put up with some aggressive salesmen out there who do not seem to know how to properly treat their customers. Plus, there are also so many seemingly cozy mattresses and pillows that end up being a disappointment once you get to use them for a couple of days.

Before we launched Sleep Mentor, I used to be a mattress and pillow salesman and I used to enjoy it more than anything, especially because I love training employees, sitting through tons of industry conferences on mattress manufacturing, and visiting various manufacturing plants of major brands; but although it was fun helping people find the sleep products they want, it was also a very limited type of service one could give to people because part of being a salesman is conducting a research on sleep products but, back then, I had to be a bit biased to sell what was in stock in the place where I was working in.

Eventually, I realised that I have the freedom to ignore the false advertisements most corporate monopolies capitalize on. When I confirmed that the job I used to enjoy was no longer in line with my work ethics, I immediately ditched my job and did something I think is beneficial not just to me but to everyone else.

Today, thankfully, I no longer have to make mediocre mattresses and pillows seem ideal. Now, we conduct comprehensive, reliable, and unbiased background research so that you can easily compare one mattress or pillow to another and identify which one is the best one.

In a nutshell, we provide reliable reviews so that all you have to do is pick the right sleep product that goes well with your standard and taste without scouring malls or the world wide web for one which would live up to your standards. So if you happen to have any questions about any sleep product, feel free to ask me of John.