Are You Sleeping Good?

If you are not sure then now is time to learn to :

  • How To Pick The Best Mattress, Pillow Or Mattress Topper
  • How Not To Choose Mattress Made From Toxic Materials
  • How To Improve Your Sleep To Get More Energy
  • How To Avoid Neck, Shoulder, Hip And Back Pain During Sleep
  • How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs And Dust Mites
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We collect consumer experiences from hundreds of websites, exclude fake and “promotional” reviews. We use only reliable and credible reviews from people, who owned their product for a significant amount of time.
We analyze all collected data and rate each item by several important characteristics and then calculate the overall rating for each item. Each characteristic has its own weight in the overall rating to make it most accurate.
We believe everyone deserves healthy sleep and good sleep products should not be reserved only for those with high incomes. We are here to show you how to beat the system and get the best product for the money.

About William Banks

Hey there, I’m William, founder and editor in chief here at Sleep Mentor. Before we launched Sleep Mentor, I used to be a mattress and pillow salesman.I used to enjoy it more than anything, but although it was fun helping people find the sleep products they want, it was also a very limited type of service one could give to people…Read More

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